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Countrystride #57: HELVELLYN which we tackle one of Lakeland's most iconic fells via the rocky arête of Swirral Edge. In the company of Tom Hayek from the John Muir Trust – the charity which manages Glenridding Common – we discuss people pressure in a post-lockdown world; we discover how locals are nursing sub-alpine plants for the high fells; we hear about Tom's journey bagging the Nuttalls; we take in Mark's panorama from this finest of felltops; and we consider why, when undertaking landscape-scale work, we must be prepared to make change we’ll not live to see.

Approaching Red Tarn.

Tom Hayek.
Tom on Swirrall Edge.
Mark on the Edge.

Tom and Mark on Helvellyn's fine summit.

Path repairs with local lads.

Dave and Tom descend towards Thirlmere.

The view down Thirlmere on our descent to Wythburn.

Our route for the day.


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