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Countrystride #50: THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF CUMBRIA which we celebrate our 50th birthday by handing the microphone to the next generation, as we hear from three young people with a passion for Cumbria and the Lake District. In a wide-ranging chat with poet Matt Sowerby from Kirkby Lonsdale, film-maker Rachel Jessett from Kendal and TV producer Rachel Owen from the University of Cumbria, we discuss walking and mental health; we ask what role Cumbria can play in tackling climate change and biodiversity loss; we consider northern identity and ask why the north is underrepresented in national politics and media; we brainstorm policies that might keep more young people in the county; and each guest recommends a walk, pub and place that they love.

Devil's Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale. Passed on Matt's favourite walk...
Matt Sowerby.
Rachel Jessett.
Rachel Owen.


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