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Countrystride #114: FELL FOODIE - A feast on Silver How which we climb one of Grasmere's low-level favourites to dine in a dell with outdoors cook, author and mental health speaker Harrison Ward – a.k.a. Fell Foodie. Setting out along the old drove road from Allan Bank, Harrison speaks frankly about his former life: of his long history of clinical depression; his obesity; and his 12-year struggle with alcohol. Rising through juniper glades, he talks about the fell walk that was to change his life, and the long-time love of cooking that gave birth to a new passion and persona. As we settle beside a beck for a fine freshly-cooked stew, we consider the healing properties of the outdoors and the value of slow moments on the hill. Arriving atop a bitterly cold Silver How, a pun-laden chat ensues about cooking for Mary Berry, New Year fireworks over Grasmere and baking on Bakestall.

Grasmere and Rydal Water from the summit of Silver How.

Our guest for the day - in his outdoors kitchen - Harrison Ward, a.k.a. Fell Foodie.

Cooking up a treat.

Mark and Harrison on the old drovers' track rising from Allan Bank.

The drove way - a beautiful route up the How.

On the summit of Silver How.


With Helen and Cook Out at Sam Reads.


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