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Countrystride #13: THE SOLWAY COAST - Wetlands, birdsong and lost lines

...In which we wander with Ann Lingard along the mosses, marshes and mudflats of the Solway coast. Enveloped in birdsong, we take in big skies, skeleton trees and wildlife-rich marshes before discussing the rise – and dramatic fall – of one of Cumbria's lost railways, the dying craft of salmon 'haaf-netting' and how Ann's love for the sea was woken during rockpool 'guddles' with her Cornish father.

Across the Solway to Criffel.

Wildlife ponds on the moss.

Start of the walk: Ann Lingard and Dave Felton leave the road to head into Campfield Marsh on a fine spring day.

Rogersceugh drumlin.

Boardwalk over Bowness Common. In the background are the Anthorn masts.

Great pool beyond the bird hide.

Clay dabbin barn - example of traditional vernacular.

Salt marsh.

Mudflats along the estuary; Criffel on the horizon.

Embankment of the 'lost' Solway Junction Railway.

Our route of the walk.

Wander notes:

More about the Solway Junction Railway, Bowness Common, and the viaduct at More about the Solway marshes, Mosses, changing channels and haaf-netters at

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