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Countrystride #28: FUTURE FARMING – Six generations working the land

…in which we explore the Crake Valley, south of Coniston Water, with sixth-generation hill farmer John Atkinson and his partner Maria Benjamin. From the yard of Nibthwaite Grange – where we learn about John’s rare breeds and Maria’s wool enterprise – we discover how the couple are building a diversified farm business that both respects heritage and works with nature. As we walk onto airy Bethecar Moor we discuss the return of lapwings to the common; lonely lives on the fell; holidaymakers who've packed nothing but Bollinger for their stay at Parkamoor – an off-grid house in the clouds; and why all farmers should take up golf…

Parkamoor - House in the clouds.
John and his rare breed cattle.
Coniston Water and Coniston fells from the common.
Maria on the moor.
Parkamoor - off-grid living.
Highland Cattle, Dodgson Wood.
Mark, Maria, John and Dave back at Nibthwaite Grange - from the time before social distancing...
Our short but sweet route for the day.


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