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Countrystride #81: CUMBRIAN DIALECT which we trace the rise and fall of local dialect in the company of long-time friends and Cumbriana champions Jean Scott-Smith and Donald Angus. On a journey that begins with the earliest Celtic settlers, we learn how Angle and Norse immigrants left their mark in the language of landcape; we mull the meanings of Blencathra, Wetherlam, Coniston and Catstycam; we hear how Donald perplexed walkers by posting a National Park weather forecast in dialect; and – after a nostalgic diversion to consider unlikely Cumbrian remedies and the 'mobile bomb' dangers of petrol irons – we bow out with two note-perfect renditions of dialect poems.

Catstycam – the name is derived from 'Caste' (wild cat) + 'stig' (a steep path) [Old English] + 'kambr' (a ridge or crest) [Old Norse] = The ridge with a steep path frequented by wild cats.

Shapite Jean Scott-Smith alongside Threlkeld born-and-bred Donald Angus.

Mark with our guests.

Shap bluebells.


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