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COUNTRYSTRIDE #80: ILLGILL HEAD - In search of the sublime which we set out from the secluded valley of Miterdale for a wet-weather ascent of Whin Rigg and Illgill Head. As we walk, with author and Lakeland Walker columnist George Kitching, we explore the concept of the 'sublime' – the awe-rooted spiritual response to mountain scenery first identified in 18th century philosophy. Tracing the sublime through early Lakeland guidebooks, we enter the Romantic era to arrive at Scafell Crag and the writings of Alfred Wainwright. With a backdrop of ever-shifting cloudscapes atop Wastwater's tumbling screes, we consider the Beckside Boggle, the historic 'earth spirit' stronghold of remote Wasdale, and the tragic tale of French student Veronique Marre.

Yow, and Yewbarrow.

Stormy weather as we embark on our walk.

How it shouldn't be spelt...

And how it should...

Dave and George on a damp ascent of Whin Rigg.

Awesome clouds.... Maybe even sublime?

Misty awesomeness.

Hollow and Groove Gill Bridges.

How it all looks on a nice day!


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