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COUNTRYSTRIDE #77: FELL PONIES – On Roundthwaite Common with Libby Robinson which we depart busy Tebay to climb atop biting cold Rondthwaite Common on a trip to meet some of Cumbria's oldest residents: the Globetrotter fell ponies – roamers of the uplands since time immemorial. As we trail above the 'other Borrowdale' with long-time fell pony champion Libby Robinson, we hear about the moment in Kentmere, aged eight, when she first fell for the semi-wild breed; we reminisce about a Lakeland childhood – otters under the bridge, minnows from the tap; we look back at the remarkable industrial history of the pack pony and the part it played in the north's historic economy; finally, we consider what role the pony might play in 21st-century Lakeland.

Fell ponies.

Spring comes to Roundthwaite. Still blimmin' cold though!

Yes, we cheated! Libby and the CS gang catch a 4x4 lift.

Mabbin Crag across Borrowdale.

Ponies, Howgills beyond.

Libby and Dave.

Distant ponies.

Pony wants to be interviewed.

Dave being interfered with by the pony.

What did they say about children and animals?!

Belt Howe.


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