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Countrystride #51: SKIDDAW HOUSE - Loneliest house in England which we enter wild country at the Back o'Skiddaw to visit Skiddaw House - the loneliest house in England. As we wander, with former wardens Martin Webster and Marie-Pierre Gaudez, we talk through the history of the one-time hunting lodge, learn about the icy perils of Whitewater Dash, discuss the off-grid practicalities of living and working four miles from the nearest road – and discover what it takes to turn a House into a home.

Skiddaw House.
Martin and Marie at their beloved Skiddaw House.
Approaching Whitewater Dash.
Dash Falls.
Dave, Marie and Martin above the Falls.
Onwards through the heather.
Approaching distant Skiddaw House.
Two generations of wardens; Martin and Marie with Martin Lyne - current warden of Skiddaw House.
Our short wander.


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