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Countrystride #39: THIRLMERE - and the flooding of a valley

…in which we take an autumnal wander along the wooded west shore of Thirlmere, the reservoir that displaced a close-knit pastoral community to fulfil 19th century Manchester’s ever-growing thirst for water.

As we walk, we learn from author and one-time vicar of the parish Geoff Darrell about the valley as it once was: the patchwork fields, twin lakes, Wath bridge and the diminutive settlement of City.

Then, as we reach the lakeshore – walls from a past age slipping under the waves – we hear from former Friends of the Lake District Director Ian Brodie about the grand ambitions, political manoeuvres and clandestine gambles that would flood a valley, divide the nation and lead, in time, to the establishment of national parks and the emergence of conservation movements worldwide.

Looking north up Thirlmere from the shore near Steel End car park.
Our guests for today: Rev. Geoffrey Daryl...
...and Ian Brodie.
Scrubby autumnal loveliness.
The lakeside path. It continues along almost the whole west bank of Thirlmere.
Onto the lakeshore.
The view up Thirlmere.
Mark and Ian.
What's left of Stenkin.
Map of our gentle wander.


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