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Countrystride #36: A WALNEY WANDER which we journey to the Isle of Walney in Cumbria's deep south for a salt-laced amble through its unique landscape, wildlife and heritage. In the company of Cumbria Wildlife Trust's Jamie Normington and local lass Helen Wall, we admire Walney's beloved wildflowers, learn about the UK's only female lighthouse keeper, consider the unsung protective role Walney played in World War II and seek out members of the island's lonely-hearts seal colony.

Piel Island from South Walney.
Jamie Normington and Helen Wall with Mark and Dave.
Walney dunes: on the move again...
Fields of gold: Path through the ragwort.
Big skies and big sands.
The lighthouse.
Evening light on Piel Castle.
Oyster farm.
Barrow and Black Combe beyond.
Our route for the walk.


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