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Countrystride #107: TALES from LITTLE LANGDALE which we stride out from Fell Foot Farm at the foot of Wrynose Pass to explore the upper reaches of Little Langdale with National Trust Archaeologist Jamie Lund. Opening with a brief history of the valley, we consider its strategic importance in the heart of the Lakes, and the historic route – used by the Romans onwards – that draws down to Fell Foot, a one-time inn. Noting the remarkable Norse 'Ting Mound' behind the farm, we learn about the enclosed dale-bottom common, so valuable that it was never built upon. Passing the beck – canalised in medieval times then re-channelled in the 1800s – we ascend Greenburn to one of the UK's best-preserved relic copper mines, where we talk prospecting, pollution and power. Hearing about the 'Nick Stick Seat' – where rural workers sat for a day's labour – we close by reflecting on the future of a remarkable valley.

Greenburn Beck – the re-channelled course of the beck.

Bridgend Farm.

Bridgend Farm, Fell Foot Farm (left) and an iconic view of the Langdale Pikes.

Our guest for the day: the brilliant Jamie Lund.

Up the old miner's track into Greenburn, Great Carrs ahead.

The Greenburn copper workings.

Gingerly crossing the re-aligned beck.

The hydro weir.

Our route for the day.

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