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Dispatch #10: MARDALE HEAD - A walk on the wild side which we climb to the impressive upland corrie tarn of Blea Water from Mardale Head with mountain leader Phil Tinning before striking over rough country to High Street's airy Rough Crag ridge - one-time home of Eddie the last Lakeland Eagle. As we walk we refresh our navigational skills, encounter deer tracks and long-lost mining trods, and are converted to the joys of wild walking.

Twopenny Crag, looking towards High Street.

Our map of the day's walk - the lighter dotted lines indicate our off-piste tramp.

Heading towards Caspel Gate.

The view down a sunny Haweswater.

Man of the mountains: Phil Tinning.

Deer 'ruts' in the moorland grass.

The impressive upland corrie of Blea Water, some snow still overhanging High Street.

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