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Dispatch #8: TERRY ABRAHAM: Life on the mountains – A stroll on Helvellyn

​​ which we make the classic Helvellyn ascent to the Hole-in-the-Wall with film maker Terry Abraham, whose celebrated 'Life of a Mountain' documentaries have captured the essence of the Lakeland fells - and the communities that live among them - in a way no others have. En route we talk about what inspires Terry, the highs and lows of filming in wild places, why Thirlmere needed no zipwire, and how it feels to be thought of as an honorary Cumbrian.

Terry's on Twitter @

Heading for the Hole-in-the-Wall above Grisedale.

Our gentle route for the day.

Clag sits heavy on Helvellyn - the final fell in Terry's 'Life of a Mountain' series.

Terry and Dave on the breezy ascent.

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