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Dispatch #5: GHOSTS OF BURNMOOR - Eskdale to Wasdale

​​…in which we embark on a spooky - and windy - Hallowe’en wander along the moorland corpse road between St Catherine’s Church, Boot, and St Olaf’s Church, Wasdale Head. We are joined by historian Alan Cleaver who shares his passion for lonnins, talks us through the story of Burnmoor Tarn’s ghostly pony, and enthuses on the value of story - and tall tales - within Cumbria's cultural landscape. We even receive a text from Orange welcoming us to the Isle of Man - the extreme Western Lake District.

Our guest Alan Cleaver spends his time wandering the lonnings, trods, waths and other paths in the Cumbrian landscape, exploring the history and folklore behind them. He lives in Whitehaven with his partner Lesley Park who patiently follows him on his travels and aids his research. His book can be bought at

St Catherine's church, Boot

Alan Cleaver and Dave Felton on the descent to Wasdale Head.

Last tree on the corpse road as we leave Eskdale behind.

Yewbarrow above autumnal trees.

The mare's tail of Birker Force backed by Green Crag.

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