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Dispatch #3: FARMING THE BORDERLANDS - Rural life and the Roman Wall

​...In which we gain a farmer’s perspective on life close to Hadrian’s Wall. Stockmen and women converse about their lives and the age-old cycle of the seasons stretching back long before the Romans imposed their frontier. We walk from an organic dairy farm which produces fabulous cheese to a traditional upland smallholding along the Maiden Way and Hadrian’s Wall National Trail.

The Countrystride #3 route.

High House Farm

Hadrian's Wall - the Whin Sill in the background.

Centurial Stone confirming that the 8th cohort of the legion under the command of Julius Primus built this stretch of the Wall.

Maiden Way traversing Midgeholme Moss looking back to Slack House Farm.

Hilda Noble - arrived at the farm aged six.

And finally... a short film from the walk made by Countrystride friend, and University of Carlisle student, Harry Anderson.

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