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COUNTRYSTRIDE #78: The Carlisle-Settle line & springtime in Eden which we take a springtime stroll from Langwathby to Lazonby in the company of author Stan Abbot to track the route of the Carlisle-Settle line, one of Britain's most treasured railways. As we stroll, through sandstone villages immersed in birdsong, into age-old alder carr and over busy becks, we learn about the navvy construction of this most iconic of lines, and of the Blea Moor shantytowns in which drunkenness and disease ran rife; we relish the pastural loveliness of backwater Eden; we consider a perfect Lakeland day in Newlands; we discuss the six-year campaign that saved the railway – alongside Michael Portillo's ambiguous role in it; and, arriving at Long Meg and her Daughters, one of the UK's oldest stone circles, a poetic Mark ponders 'the enormity of time and our quiet little place in it'.

Long Meg and her Daughters.

Our guest for the day: Stan Abbott.

On Lazonby platform under blue skies.

Winskill gorse.

Kissing gate with distinct stone.

Long Meg.

Dave 'mongst the standing stones.

Sandstone loveliness in Winskill.


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