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Countrystride #63: DANNY TEASDALE - Ullswater after the storm which we explore the wildlife-rich meadows of Matterdale in the company of local lad Danny Teasdale, founder of the Ullswater Catchment Management company interest company (CIC). Moved to action by the devastation wrought to Glenridding by 2015's Storm Desmond, Danny set up the CIC to improve flood resilience in the valley and prove it is possible to restore nature in a way that complements sustainable farming. As we wander – passing re-wiggled becks, newly planted woodlands, bunged feeder streams and insect-heaven ponds – we hear about Danny's childhood passion for damning becks; we learn how word-of-mouth recommendation has energised more than 70% of Ullswater landowners; we consider why rural funding must be decentralised; and we relish the joys of unearthing salmon redds.

Danny, beside re-wiggled Cooper Beck.

Danny Teasdale.

Newly rewiggled Cooper Beck - and the heck.

The old channelled Cooper Beck.

New trees, hedges and watercourses: a survey of Matterdale.

The 'scrape'.

A fine field barn.

Danny and Dave.


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