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Countrystride #48: HADRIAN'S WALL which we head to the Cumbrian borderlands with long-time Roman authority David Breeze for a virtual stroll along Hadrian's Wall. As we wander west from the village of Gilsland towards airy Craggle Hill, we deep-dive into Emperor Hadrian's era of pragmatic consolidation; we learn how his vision changed as the Wall's construction progressed; we ponder why threats from across the Solway never materialised; and we discover why the Wall was not the end of Empire – but merely the base of a vast infrastructure extending north.

  • David's latest book on Hadrian's Wall,Hadrian's Wall. A Study in Archaeological Exploration and Interpretation is available from Archaeopress at 20% discount: – Use voucher code HW20

Roman bridge abutments beside the River Irthing.

David Breeze at Milecastle 48.
The Milecastle at King's Stables.
Turret 48a.

The Wall to Willowford.
Centural stone.
Willowford Bridge abutment.
Birdoswald Fort.
Pike Hill Signal Station.
Hare Hill wall section.
The view from Craggle Hill.

Our route for the walk.


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