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Countrystride #41: HARRIET MARTINEAU - The roving Laker which we enjoy a Loughrigg circular with Dr Kerri Andrews to celebrate the life of Harriet Martineau, the ‘wild rover’ sociologist who recovered from debilitating illness to become one of Lakeland’s great walkers and one of the most successful guidebook writers of the Victorian age. As we encounter tourist honeypots including The Grot, Rydal Cave and dusk-lit Lily Tarn, we explore the neglected tradition of women writer-walkers, learn about Martineau’s mission to become ‘a Laker’, discover how walking has helped ease physical and mental trauma; and hear about Kerri’s admiration for the ‘homely’ and ‘familiar’ narratives of local hero Dorothy Wordsworth.

The Grot, Rydal Hall.
Dr Kerri Andrews outside the house that Martineau built, Ambleside.
Martineau's beloved stepping stones over the Rothey.... flooded today.
Rydal Park, Fairfield Horseshoe behind.
Crossing the Rothay.
Early autumn colours, Rydal Water.
Loughrigg Cavern.
Kerri in the cavern.
Dusk, Lily Tarn.
Our walk for the day.


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