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Countrystride #40: BILL LLOYD - Into the woods which we take a magical stroll through the oak woods of Penny Rock with musician, author and outdoorsman Bill Lloyd, to hear about his life extracting timber from Cumbrian woodlands with heavy horse Ginger. As we reach the mirrorred shores of Grasmere we talk about the sunset days of an ancient craft and the bond between man and horse; we learn about Char-fishing with the Windermere Fleet and lonely nights in the Loweswater bothy; and we discover how Beatrix Potter's gelding irons (ouch!) came to reside alongside Bill's fire.

Bill Lloyd with Ginger.
Bill in Penny Rock Wood, the wood he worked with Ginger 40 years ago.
Bill with wife Ali.
Archive image of Bill and Ali with their horses.
Autumn colours alongside Grasmere.
Bill piping to the Grasmere crowds.
Carved lines from 'Briggflatts', Bill's chosen Lakeland text.


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