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…in which we challenge archaeologist Bruce Bennison to compress 7,000 years of Cumbrian history into 45 minutes. Setting out from the little-visited Neolithic gem of Mayburgh Henge, we discover why the joining of the Rivers Eamont and Lowther was so important on the historic ‘Western route’ up Britain. At the imposing sandstone facade of Brougham Castle we enter Roman times to consider the garrisons guarding the strategic river crossing. Finally, wandering via back lanes to Clifton Hall’s Pele Tower, we move on to the Border Raids and two pivotal events in the modern history of Britain: the birth of England and the last battle on English soil.

Mayburgh Henge, just south of Penrith.
Bruce Bennison with Dave.
Brougham Castle - and the historic crossing point.
Eamont Bridge.
Clifton Hall Pele Tower.
The men at the mic... Dave and Mark.


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