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Dispatch #11: HIGH STILE – and the Buttermere skyline

…in which we climb above Buttermere on a blustery ridge walk over the High Stile range with researcher and broadcaster David Powell-Thompson, best known for his appearances on Terry Abraham’s 'Life of a Mountain' films and Julia Bradbury’s 'Wainwright Walks'. As we wander – mostly in cloud – we discuss epic mountain days; ticking off the 214 (for the fourth time); the ‘steamy’ atmosphere of the old Brown’s Bus from Ambleside to Hawskhead; and hear about David’s chance encounter with A. Harry Griffin atop Pillar Rock.

David P T and Dave F.

Head of Buttermere.

Bleaberry Tarn.

A perfect Dodd.

The steep descent towards Scarth Gap.

Haystacks ahead.

The rim of Burtness Comb featuring Eagle Crag.

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