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...In which we set out from Glenridding, a village that owes its origins to the lead mining industry, to climb Sheffield Pike. During the walk we meet Eddie Pool, the last valley miner from the Greenside Mine, and share with local resident Tim Clarke an appreciation of the importance of an empowered community.

The route we followed for Countrystride #2.

Dave with Tim Clarke and Eddie Pool amid the spoil and debris of Greenside Mine below Lucy’s Tongue.

Tim and Eddie.

Birkhouse Moor and Blea Cove. Running along the base of the fell Glenridding Beck is chaos of boulders still reflecting the effects of Storm Desmond.

Tim on the final push up to Sheffield Pike.

'The best lake in the world'. Tim looks down Ullswater.

Tim's ten-stone summit 'ephemera'. It fell down shortly after the photo was taken.

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