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Countrystride #22: LOST WORDS: Past and future in the woods of Wreay

…in which we follow the gently-meandering River Petteril from an M6 underpass on Carlisle’s urban fringe through Wreay’s ancient woodland to one of Cumbria's most beautiful churches in search of lost words. As we stroll, with Jamie Normington from Cumbria Wildlife Trust, we discuss our changing woodlands, Cumbrian birdlife vernacular, how we can reforge a connection with the landscape, and the remarkable architectural legacy of Sara Losh, first lady of Wreay (pronounced ‘rear’).

St Mary's Church, Wreay.

Meadow alongside the River Petteril.

Reaching Wreay woods.

Autumn colours.

Reds and golds.

Investigating the alder.

There are some fabulous ancient oak trees around here.

Approaching St Mary's Church, Wreay.

Mark in suitably autumnal jacket and our guest for today, Jamie Normington.

The remarkable interior of St Mary's Church.

Our route.

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